Johns Manville 5S Video “Set in Order”

Johns Manville 5S Lean Manufacturing practice “Set in Order”
This is the 2nd step process in the 5S Lean Manufacturing practice. In this video we expand from step one “Sort” to step two “Set in Order”.

This video details the importance of the procedure and to ensure continued efficiency in the work environment – as well as assisting fellow work colleagues. Establishing clean and efficient work areas, you can eliminate waste, and down time in production – by using appropriate tools for the tasks in hand.

Helping fellow workers life by your example of utilization of the 5S workflow.

This is the 2nd video in the 5S series of 5 videos for the Johns Manville operations workflow teams in Canada. This video series was commissioned by my brother who is a systems operations supervisor for the Johns Manville insulation plant in Innisfail Alberta.